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Commercial Landscape Maintenance West Palm Beach commercial landscaping west palm beach

At Palm Beach County Landscape, we specialize in providing innovative solutions along with professional commercial landscape maintenance services to each of our clients. 

Whether you’re a property manager for an HOA or condominium association, a board member or the owner or manager of a commercial property or private estate, you’re looking for a commercial landscape maintenance company that will take full control and responsibility for all your landscaping needs. You’re looking for someone that will take the hassle out of landscape maintenance and give you back the precious time you need to focus on the more important elements of your job.  You want a PROACTIVE landscape company that will “Do What They Say They Are Going To Do” and “Make Your Life Easier”.

At Palm Beach County Landscape, we understand that you don’t have the time to be chasing your landscape company around your property directing them to areas that have been neglected or forgotten, showing them weeds that need to be removed, wondering why your grass or plants are dying from a lack of water or why the insects or fungus have taken over and destroyed your turf or shrubs.  You’re tired of telling them that the seasonal flowers they planted 6 months ago are dead and need to be removed and replaced with a fresh set of flowers or why the dead plants along the front entrance of the clubhouse haven’t been removed and replaced.

HOA Landscape Company West Palm Beachcommercial landscape services west palm beach

You also don’t want a landscape company that takes 2 to 3 days to return your phone calls or fails to follow-up on your punch list items.  You’re tired of wondering which service they are scheduled to perform each week, when will it been completed and whether or not it will be invoiced correctly.  You’re tired of the angry phone calls from homeowners or tenants that are constantly complaining about the poor landscape services they are receiving after paying high HOA or lease payments. 

You want a professional landscape maintenance company that is PROACTIVE!

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“Exceeding Expectations In Everything We Do”

  • You want a landscape company that brings to your attention those areas of concern or items that need a little extra care and then provides you with a solution 
  • You want a landscape company that is constantly communicating with you and your management team and returns your phone calls or text messages the same day
  • You want a landscape company that provides you with a detailed schedule of services prior to the beginning of each month and then updates you if the schedule needs to be changed due to unforeseen weather conditionsmower-800-edited
  • You want a landscape company that takes pride in their quality of workmanship and consistently gets it done right the first time 
  • You want a landscape company that is on the cutting edge of technology and offers irrigation water management solutions that can help reduce your monthly water bills by 30-50%
  • You want a landscape company that shows up on your property in a professional and courteous manner
  • You want a landscape company that is constantly looking for ways to enhance the beauty of your property and provides you with innovative ideas and recommendations to help increase the value of your property
  • You want a landscape company that is willing to customize their landscape service contract to meet the individual needs of you and your community or property
  • You want a landscape company that is fully licensed, insured and that puts the safety of their employees and your property at the forefront in everything they do

At Palm Beach County Landscape, we specialize in providing professional commercial landscape maintenance services to large homeowner associations, condominiums, private estates and commercial properties by adhering to our company motto of “Exceeding Expectations In Everything We Do”.

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